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    DSCSA Compliance Mythbusters: the Webinar Series

    Part 1: What is DSCSA Serialization?

    The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), a critical piece of legislation aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical supply chain security, and its compliance requirements came into full effect in November 2023. DSCSA affects a broad range of stakeholders and its one-year stabilization period will quickly run out. 

    Join us for an informative discussion on what exactly DSCSA is and what it means to manufacturers, wholesale distributors, repackagers, dispensaries and third-party logistics providers. Additionally, we will provide some insightful historical context, charting the development of DSCSA from its inception to its current state. 

    This session is pivotal for those seeking a thorough understanding of DSCSA, its purpose in the pharmaceutical industry and the compliance roadmap for various stakeholders. 

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     What you’ll learn:

    • The fundamental principles and objectives of DSCSA.  
    • The critical reasons behind the creation of DSCSA.  
    • Key milestones in the DSCSA's history and its current standing. 

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    Meet the Speakers

    Valerie Bandy

    Senior Director Pharmacy Solutions, Tecsys

    Valerie Bandy

    Senior Director Pharmacy Solutions, Tecsys

    As a licensed and registered pharmacist with over 25 years of experience in pharmacy operations and compliance, Dr. Bandy is a leading authority in unraveling the complexities of the DSCSA and its implications.
    She has been a key contributor for the Texas State Board of Pharmacy task force and has held influential roles across local, state and national platforms, including with TSHP, ASHP and MSHP, among others. Dr. Bandy also holds ASHP’s Leadership Academy training and serves as an ASHP Wellbeing and Resilience Ambassador.