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    Tecsys Improves Throughput Times by 30%

    By Analyst: Charles A. Brennan

    This study from Nucleus Research indicates that labor shortages and growing warehouse automation highlight the need for integrating Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). This integration is crucial for optimizing operations and remaining competitive in a dynamic market. Nucleus interviewed multiple businesses that have adopted Tecsys Elite™ as their warehouse management solution and found the platform delivered numerous benefits.

    Nucleus Research analyzed Tecsys WMS deployments and found that organizations improved operational efficiency, increased employee productivity and enhanced inventory management. 

    Customer-reported benefits included: 

    • 30% increase in throughput times. 

    • 45% decrease in warehouse travel. 

    • 80% increase in lines per hour. 

    • 17% point increase in inventory accuracy.  

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    A healthcare organization leveraged Tecsys' dual pick modules to increase worker productivity from 50 to 90 lines per hour. This improvement in picker efficiency enabled the organization to fulfill a higher volume of customer orders with existing warehouse staffing levels. By optimizing labor productivity, the healthcare organization can avoid increasing headcount to support growth spikes in order volumes.

    - Charles Brennan, Research Analyst for Supply Chain at Nucleus Research


    About Nucleus Research

    Nucleus Research is the recognized global leader in ROI technology research. Using a case-based approach, they provide research streams and advisory services that allow vendors and end users to quantify and maximize the return from their technology investments. For more information, visit or follow their latest updates on LinkedIn.