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    Gaining Control of Your Pharmacy Supply Chain With a CPSC

    By Analyst: Charles A. Brennan

    Nucleus Research studied healthcare organizations that combine a consolidated pharmacy service center (CPSC) with supply chain best practices and found the resulting benefits include improved employee productivity, faster compliance, reduced inventory and IT costs, and – most importantly – enhanced patient care.  

    This white paper features interviews with two healthcare organizations that have adopted supporting technology and highlights crucial best practices for organizations seeking to control their pharmaceutical supply chain, including workflow analysis, preliminary research, cross-functional collaboration and real-world testing.   

    How will you benefit from a CPSC?  

    • Improved inventory management: Reduce your carrying costs by 10-25%

    • Easier compliance: Meet DSCSA verification & tracking mandates more quickly

    • Enhanced patient care: Reassign staff to more patient-focused roles

    • Increased IT efficiency: Integrate inventory management into one environment 

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    Rising labor and drug shortages, growing regulatory demands, and escalated healthcare mergers and acquisitions necessitate a connected technology environment where organizations combine digital pharmacy and supply chain processes. Healthcare organizations with a CPSC that deploy supply chain management (SCM) technology can manage pharmaceutical supplies better, reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity, and enhance patient care.

    - CHARLES BRENNAN, Research Analyst for Supply Chain at Nucleus Research


    About Nucleus Research

    Nucleus Research is the recognized global leader in ROI technology research. Using a case-based approach, they provide research streams and advisory services that allow vendors and end users to quantify and maximize the return from their technology investments. For more information, visit or follow their latest updates on LinkedIn.