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    Elite™ Delivery Management System

    In today’s marketplace, keeping up with the competition is crucial. For distributors and 3PLs, however, there’s more competition than ever before.

    Customer service expectations and the increasing cost of the final mile of commercial carriers have driven many such organizations to take on delivery to customers themselves.

    But can these new “couriers”— can you—compete with UPS or FedEx in terms of dependability, transparency, and efficiency?

    Practices of a World-Class Distribution Courier

    Flawless delivery record, on time, all the time, every time. Give your driver all the tools and information needed to provide perfect customer service.

    Tell your customers where their orders and packages are, when they will be arriving, and what happens to them along the way.

    Get your orders and packages across the dock, into the truck, and out on the road efficiently and accurately; give your driver the ability to scan and go. 


    Are You Becoming a Courier?

    Are customer service expectations and the increasing cost of commercial carriers forcing you to deliver orders within the local area of your distribution center? If so, you are becoming your own local courier. Can you compete with UPS or FedEx on customer service and the dependability of your courier service?

    Are you concerned that you are not giving your top customers the best courier service because you lack the tools of big commercial carriers such as
    proof of delivery and online self-service portals?

    Can you tell when a delivery problem is a problem well before it becomes a customer disaster?

    What You Should Expect from a Delivery Management System

    Best-in-class resource management means the right size vehicle is used on every route, and the driver makes the right number of stops to provide the best level of customer service.

    Customers increasingly are insisting upon appointment delivery, with items to arrive within a set timeframe to match their personal schedules. 

    Tecsys’ Elite™ Delivery Management System

    Security and accountability
    Security and accountability throughout your entire delivery network are the most important qualifications to be a world-class distribution courier. Paramount to the success of a dependable operation, is where everything that is picked up is delivered to exactly the right place at exactly the right time and handled in the right way. Anything short of this, and your customers quickly will find alternate sources for their logistics. Tecsys’ Elite™ Delivery Management (DM) has a razor-sharp focus on recording everything that happens throughout all operations and on the road: every move, every pickup, every delivery, every time. From pickup to drop-off, everything that happens to an order is recorded and tracked throughout the delivery cycle, and, through signature or employee badge, is ensured of proof-of-activity and real-time mobile traceability.

    Being able to reliably answer that age-old question, “Where’s my stuff?” is vital to your success as a world-class distribution courier operation. Today, you are being measured against commercial courier benchmarks, and saying a delivery is “in transit” or “on its way” is simply not good enough. Your customers expect more. Tecsys’ Elite™ DM brings all the best principles of a UPS or FedEx to your operation; from a web-based, self-service portal offering shipment tracking for internal and external users on one end, to a customer self-service call for package pickup that automatically syncs up to your driver’s mobile device on the other, Delivery Management provides all the visibility your customers demand.

    Efficiency throughout the entire chain of delivery is a critical driver for sustainability in the new distribution logistics landscape; by managing the pre-sortation of deliveries into totes and onto pallets, Elite™ Delivery Management gives drivers the ability to deliver many orders and packages with a single scan. Using advanced routing techniques, Tecsys’ Elite™ DM will manage the sorting and staging of groups of orders and packages to similar destinations, driving significant efficiencies and accuracy gains in downstream deliveries. Providing the driver with detailed work instructions at every stop on the route allows that driver to perform every task at every stop, maximizing efficiency and reducing miles and time. Understanding everything that is to be picked up and delivered while on the route means that both driver and vehicle resources are properly assigned, with the right-sized vehicle on every route and the right number of stops to provide the best level of customer service while maximizing fleet efficiency. 

    Delivery Tracking
    Understand exactly where everything is all the time, get complete control over chain of custody, and if things do get misplaced, catch it right then rather than when a customer calls with a missing order or package.

    Dock Control
    Manage cross-dock, grouping, pre-sortation of orders, and truck loading to make your warehouse docks the most efficient possible while eliminating errors.

    Driver Management
    Give your drivers all the information and work instructions they need to be 100 percent compliant and 100 percent successful in performing all the tasks at every stop on their route.

    Dispatch With Map Visualization Tool and Dashboard
    Allow your dispatcher to monitor your driver’s day and their performance compared to appointments and scheduled activity. Featuring a visual map, allowing customers to make more informed decisions and automated processes to eliminate manual tasks thus freeing up dispatcher time.

    In the Cloud
    Elite™ DM operations can be hosted in the cloud: Take advantage of the cloud to quickly improve the efficiency of your courier fleet at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), without the traditional onboarding risks. Tecsys’ Elite™ all-in-one Delivery Management package is designed to get your operation up and running quickly, serving your customers faster and more efficiently than ever. Yet it retains the trademark robustness, scalability, and performance of Tecsys’ enterprise solution.

    Management Analytics
    Record and report your activity, cost, compliance, and performance in real time for operational, tactical, and strategic analytics.