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    Omni™ WMS End-to-End Retail Fulfillment

    Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations Every Step of the Way

    As the proliferation of omnichannel commerce continues to shape customers’ expectations and define the retail service model, modern retailers need to adapt — and quickly.

    Shoppers’ expectations keep growing. They want their orders as quickly as possible, at the lowest price possible, complete and accurate. They also want less cardboard, convenience and every item in stock at all times. Sometimes they want special packaging. The good news is that for retailers of every stripe— brick and mortar, pure play or wholesale brands — these expectations can be easily met.

    By implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) tailored to your retail fulfillment needs but also optimized for e-commerce, you are ensuring your success for the next phase of omnichannel commerce.

    Omni™ WMS The Core of Your Retail Fulfillment Network

    Omni™ WMS, a cloud-native SaaS warehouse management system, sits at the heart of your retail supply chain, streamlining the reception, logging,
    storing and distribution of inventory across multiple delivery nodes.

    To meet the ever-increasing demands of omnichannel customers for fast and free delivery, retailers need to find ways of protecting margins any way they can. Reduce time spent fulfilling orders and variable labor costs with Omni™ WMS. With its customized pick and pack workflows, Omni™ WMS is proven to increase workforce efficiency and speed of delivery. 

    The world of retail is constantly evolving. Be at the forefront of omnichannel commerce with a highly flexible and adaptable solution designed to simplify complex network fulfillment.

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    Time to Value

    With advanced features and functionality out of the box, Omni™ WMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack and
    be up and running quickly, with minimal impact to your operation. 


    Need to get closer to your customer? Omni™ WMS is designed for the distributed network of small, but interconnected warehouses with its rapid deployment and easy to use approach to warehouse management.

    Key Benefits

    Manage Inventory and Costs
    • Increase productivity with efficient tools for inventory management.
    • Secure identification of goods.
    • First in, first out (FIFO) and batch management.
    • Reduce stock quantities.
    Improve Productivity
    • Pick faster with multi-pick algorithms saving 30% transport time.
    • Turn around orders more quickly.
    • Reduce picking errors.
    • Handle goods correctly.
    Deploy Rapidly
    • Onboard quickly to start fulfilling customer orders without delays.
    • Train staff in 10 minutes with software that is intuitive and easy to use.
    Integrate Technology
    • Integrate easily to automated systems and robots to stay ahead of the competition.
    Gain Insights
    • Access accurate data quickly with executive dashboards.
    • Improve customer satisfaction.
    Manage Returns
    • Log returned items quickly and assign a disposition.
    • Enter returns into quarantine.
    • Perform fraud check.
    • Restock sellable returns to inventory.

    A Scalable Warehouse Management System Designed for Omnichannel Retail

    Deployed as a standalone system or part of Tecsys’ end-to-end retail supply chain solution, Omni™ WMS breathes new life into your omnichannel or multi-node order fulfillment infrastructure.

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    Optimization for E-commerce Order Fulfillment

    Omnichannel and direct-to-consumer retailers typically deal with a high number of small orders. While this is manageable without any workflow planning, it can be time consuming and result in high overhead costs and longer order fulfillment times.

    Omni™ WMS streamlines the fulfillment process through algorithms that prompt users to pick multiple single line orders at a time. How it works is a warehouse associate is assigned a specific number of orders where an optimal number of items are located within the shortest possible distance.

    This picking workflow can achieve upwards of a 30% reduction in travel time when compared to traditional multiorder picking and an even greater savings compared to traditional single order picking.

    As a result, the time-saving benefits of these picking algorithms create costsavings that more than exceeds the investment in the Omni™ WMS —
    generating a positive return on investment (ROI).