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Omni-2000: Global Research

The stats are in. In 2018, 37.6% of global retailers offer click and collect (BOPIS). That means a growing number of retailers are offering the omnichannel customer experience. 


Get your free copy of this omnichannel benchmark report based on global retail research of over 2,000 customer buying journeys. Compare your operation against the results of service offers in your retail sector. What are they getting right? Why is your competition taking this seriously? How are they doing things differently in other countries? These answers and more, answered by the omnichannel benchmark research.

This year's omnichannel benchmark includes:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Germany and Austria
  • France


  • What level of Inventory Visibility 38.1% of merchants provide online,
  • Return methods offered by 72.6% of omnichannel retailers, and
  • How retailers can instantly improve their click & collect advertising impact.

Where do the unique opportunities lie to further drive your retail and supply chain greatness?

Download the Omni-2000 Global Report to find out today.