Fact vs. Fiction Busting Warehouse Automation Myths You Always Believed to Be True

If a lack of resources — space, staff, technology, etc. — is preventing you from meeting scalable growth goals, then you need to be looking at automation. In this webcast, we’re setting the record straight on automation to quash your fears and temper your expectations. Learn the truths about how automating your warehouse, the right way, will help you manage fulfillment processes, cut down operational costs and increase productivity.

Join Roberto Michel, senior editor of Modern Materials Handling, as he moderates a lively panel discussion with warehouse experts who are looking to debunk some common misconceptions about implementing automation in a warehouse.

Thom Campbell, CSO and Co-founder, Capacity LLC
Tyler Linderman, Director, Services & Corporate Strategy, Bricz
Rick Watkinson, Senior Product Manager, Tecsys

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