Discover How Concord Hospital Has Streamlined Its Logistics Activities and Increased the Accuracy of Its Supply Replenishment Processes

Concord Hospital, the second-busiest acute care hospital in New Hampshire, sought to improve inventory management at the point of use as well as data availability for its LUM provider. They chose Tecsys’ point-of-use inventory management solution to manage the replenishment of general low-cost supplies and to track and trace the consumption of high-cost items in specialty areas. This has enabled them to maintain reliable stock levels and accurate demand assessments as well as reduce time-consuming clinical and support staff interactions with the system. 

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A-Holistic-Integrated-Approach-to-Healthcare-Supply-Chain-Tecsys-Whitepaper-2019-537x600Here's More: White Paper

A Holistic, Integrated Approach to the Healthcare Supply Chain

The healthcare supply chain is unlike that in any other industry. For most hospitals, the parties and processes required to get a product from the manufacturer to the point of use are many and varied, resulting in high costs and significant waste.