Discover How Capacity LLC Achieves 99.92% Order Accuracy Despite 10x to 50x Spikes in Regular Daily Volumes

As e-commerce grows exponentially, 3PL organizations are facing mounting pressures to fulfill higher order volumes with changing customer demands. These pressures are forcing organizations to transform their supply chains to become more efficient and cost effective, all while delighting their customers. The pressures are especially evident during massive spikes of customer orders during sales or peak seasons. The time is now for improved accuracy and timeliness in order fulfillment.

See how Capacity LLC met this challenge head-on with warehouse-centric platform technology and manages to fulfill more than 100,000 orders per day with order accuracy upward of 99.92%.



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Visual Logistics® Breakthrough Technology for Optimizing Warehouse Management

Today, a new era of visual technology is generating excitement in the software market for warehouse management systems (WMS). Tecsys has spent years developing a breakthrough technology called Visual Logistics® which provides a completely new approach to how operators perform warehousing work.